Camping & Bungalows Sardinia


Diving in Sardinia is an incredible experience. The extraordinary clear water enhances the beauty of animals and plants, as well as the varied and fascinating Mediterranean landscape, even at low depth. You can enjoy diving in absolute safety feeling totally relaxed, rent all the necessary gear and rely on the experience of qualified guides.

You can discover the most spectacular diving trips when you come to our campsite, such as Osalla shallow:

It is 14 m below the surface and dips to 24 m. It is covered with posidonia seaweed and full of dens sheltering an amazing variety of fish. There is almost a fish at every boulder. Also the KT wreck:

In the vicinity is one of the most interesting war wrecks in Sardinia, 33 m deep, a reminder of the terrible battle in 1943 when the British submarine Safari sank the German ship with its whole cargo tanks, food supplies, drums of oil and fuel intended for German troops in Africa. This is an easy excursion which attracts divers from all over the island: it is very close to our camping, so you can get there during the day, see everything you want to see, and come back to the campsite for an evening drink. Don’t miss the fun!